Great Ingredients Make great food.


Receive a winners t-shirt and get your picture put on our winners wall!

Losers have to pay for their meal and hold a losers sign while we snap a shot for the losers wall.

You have one hour to complete Jessie's challenge. One person per challenge. Ready, Set, Eat!

• 1.5lbs of Cheesesteak
• 6 Cheeseburgers
• Bowl of Beanless Chili
• 8 bacon wrapped Cheese Stuffed Jalapeños
• 5 Fried Eggs
• 1.5lbs Gyro Meat
• 6oz of Mozzarella Cheese
• Marinara Sauce on a 21” Fresh Hero
• Basket of Fries
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Good Food means Good Mood

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  • Curlys_Chicken_PhillySub-Compressed1
  • ChicagoHotDog
  • Hearty Italian Beef Sandwich with Hot Giadanarra Peppers
  • sliderburgerpic